How to Choose a Great Business Lawyer for Your Business: My Top Ten Tips

Conventional wisdom (and many lawyers) will tell you that, if you’re a business owner or manager, you will get yourself in trouble if you don’t have a good business lawyer. But when I hear this, I view this as somewhat of a negative statement, which frankly annoys me. I assume that smart business people do not want to be belittled and told that, they if they don’t have a lawyer, they will be too naive or inexperienced to avoid pitfalls.

Another way of saying this is that I personally hate doing anything to move away from something. I much prefer to make choices that allow me to move towards perceived advantages of my actions. So I address my clients accordingly.

So with this in mind I will rephrase the primary benefit of having a great lawyer by your side as follows: you will make more money. You should thus view a business lawyer as your partner who will help you make the choices that will improve your business and drive your bottom line upwards.

Now, if you are looking for a lawyer or are not happy with your present lawyer, how do you choose a great business lawyer. But first a definition. What is a business lawyer? I personally distinguish a business lawyer from a corporate or commercial lawyer. To me the business lawyer in the classic sense of the term denotes the classic lawyer-client relationship where the lawyer is more than someone who cranks out paper. I define the business lawyer as your quasi business partner or confidante. Someone you can confide it, who can solve your problems, understand you and help you grow.

Now Here are my TOP 10 TIPS to choosing a GREAT BUSINESS LAWYER, not in any order of importance.

10. Don’t assume you need a big blue chip firm. I come from several big blue chip law firms. They do great law and sometimes you need the “brand” or “label” of the big law firm next to you, for instance if you’re going public. But for more routine work, you don’t need such a firm. They are expensive and comprise many layers. So for you to deal with the top dog, you will be paying up to $1,000 per hour, or more. If your budget is one quarter of this, you will mostly be dealing with a junior associate who will not have the business experience you are looking for. It really depends on your needs, and your budget.

9. Don’t focus only on the billable hour rate. If you’re hesitating between someone who costs you $250 per hour and someone else at $350 per hour, don’t make your decision strictly on cost. What matters are two things: first what the final bill will be and, second, what value who will have received. The hourly rate is a red herring. What is the point of asking someone to do a job for you at $250 per hour if the person needs 40 hours for the job where the other lawyer at $350 per hour only needs 20 hours? Particularly if the other lawyer can do a better job for you. Billing policy is too much of a thorny and elaborate issue to address in a few lines. My point is simply that the hourly rate is not the be all and the end all.

8. Look for someone you would be happy to have a drink with. If your relationship with your business lawyer is going to be successful, you need to connect with him (her) on a personal basis. It is to your advantage to let your lawyer into your life as a quasi-friend. For this to happen there must be personal chemistry.

7. Look for business experience. If your business lawyer is going to advise you on your business, it is trite to say that having business experience is a must. Again it goes to the difference between dealing with a junior associate just out of school and someone who has real practical hands on business experience.

6. Look for someone open to a fixed fee arrangement. No one I know wants to retain a lawyer not knowing what the final bill will be. While this is often difficult for a lawyer to estimate, he (she) may be open to a flexible or fixed fee arrangement. And he (she) should be able to give you at least a good idea on the fees.

5. Look for a deal maker not a deal breaker. In any business deal, there can be dozens of reasons why the deal can’t work or why the agreement is not right. You don’t want a lawyer that throws unnecessary obstacles to making the deal work. It takes a practical approach. It is all about business risk and your lawyer should give you the pros and the cons and provide advice rather than blocking the deal.

4. Think of your business lawyer as your part-time VP legal. Some business lawyers are open to retainer arrangements where they will agree to act as your part-time VP legal at a lower cost than hiring a law firm. A lawyer could for instance offer to work a certain numbers of days per month for you at a fixed fee. It could save you money and help you grow your business with a smart person on the inside who gets to understand your business inside out.

3. Find someone with good business connections. Getting things done in this world often requires a good business network. Having access to this through your lawyer is invaluable.

2. Find a people person. If you want your lawyer to make things happen for you, he (she) will need to be someone who does not antagonize everyone around him (her). Having someone who relates well with other people can be a key to making something work.

1. Think bottom line. Lawyers cost money but I submit this should not be your first thought. What you should be thinking about is whether by spending say $1,000 your lawyer can help you generate $2,000. If so, the lawyer is not a cost. He (she) is a co-generator of a rate of return of 100%. If you think about it that way and your lawyer delivers, the cost will not be so bad to digest.

With these elements, you will be in a position to make the best decision for what works for you.

The Lawyer Business Coach: Humor Means Health! Are Lawyers ‘Legal Eagles’ Or ‘Legal Beagles’?

Yes, I’m a lawyer. Please don’t hold it against me. Many people don’t like lawyers. They say they seldom return phone calls. Others complain that they charge too much money. Many say they don’t speak plain English, and instead speak what is sometimes called ‘legal gobbledegook.’ Some even think lawyers are all crooks.

Many people think lawyers should be eliminated altogether. But America loves lawyers. We have more lawyers, per capita here, than any other nation in the world. When I passed the bar and started law practice, the registration number I was assigned was 2,386. That’s how many lawyers there were in Colorado, USA. If I were to tell you how many Colorado lawyers there are today you wouldn’t believe me and you would think I was lying. By the way, you do know how to tell if a lawyer is lying don’t you? If his mouth is moving.

Again, many people think lawyers should be eliminated altogether. Shakespeare, in Hamlet, has the line, “The first order of business should be to kill all the lawyers.” Heaven forbid! Pogo, our cartoon philosopher friend, gave us an alternative: “Let’s just shorten their legal pads.” This sounds like a much more realistic idea to me. Doesn’t it to you too?

I write different types of articles: business, spiritual, and human development. I call myself ‘The Lawyer Business Coach,’ and ‘The Gospel Coach.’ Most people can understand me writing law-business articles. But many can’t understand me writing spiritual articles. I’ve had people say, “How can you be a lawyer, and a Christian too? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?”

At a funeral service the minister said, “Here lies a lawyer, and a good Christian man.” One fellow asked the minister: “Did they bury two men in the same grave?” But, yes, I do write spiritual articles. My focus is living daily life in the power of the finished work of the gospel of Jesus.

My purpose in these humor articles is simply to give you a greater fondness for us lawyers. Maybe just a greater tolerance for us? Take your pick. Don’t forget to hug your lawyer today. On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea. Ignore that counsel.

Remember, lawyers are people too. Well, at least most of us. And at least most of the time. Whichever is greater. Or least. Or perhaps both.

Those Legal EAGLES (or is that ‘BEAGLES’?)

Lawyers are the legal eagles of society! We are the custodians of liberty!! We are the protectors of the people!!! We are the stalwarts of justice!!!! We are the upholders of the Constitution!!!!! And if you believe this, then I also have some ocean-front property in Denver, Colorado I want to sell you too.

We all know what an eagle is. It’s a large, gorgeous, strong bird that is the symbol of America herself. We lawyers like to consider ourselves legal eagles. We also all know what beagles are. It is defined as a dog who is a small hound, with a smooth, lavish coat, short legs and drooping ears. They also have a wide throat, and produce a deep growl or fierce bark. This describes a lot of lawyers I know.

It’s Hard For Lawyers To Stay Motivated

It’s especially hard for us lawyers to stay motivated because of all the negative lawyer jokes we hear all the time. I wish people would go back to Pollock jokes. But then I’m not so sure about this either, because Sir Frederick Pollock was a famous English lawyer barrister, and jurist.

I feed myself this stuff because it’s so hard for us lawyers to stay motivated. That is, unless we are suing someone. Why? Because we lawyers are the most enthusiastically negative people in the world. But it’s not without cause.

In defense of lawyers (most of whom need a lot of defense), do you have any idea how difficult it is to stay motivated, enthusiastic, or ‘up’ when you face one negative person or situation after another, hour after hour, all day long?

Law offices are negative, because they consist of lawyers. Also, a lawyers’ secretary is often down in the bumps because of her boss. After all, how would you feel if you were a legal secretary and you were ready to leave work for the day. You pop your head into your bosses’ office and say, “Hey boss, have a good day!” He snarls back at you: “Don’t tell ME what to do!”

That’s how it is in most lawyers’ offices. Wouldn’t this negative atmosphere rub off on you too if you had to work in it constantly?

Of course, clients are usually negative because of the things they are facing – criminal matters, traffic violations, divorces, bankruptcies, corporate problems, contract breeches, and many, many other types of things. When you’re a lawyer, you must handle those negative clients – and then fight with other lawyers and judges on top of that.

At the end of the case you often have to fight your client to collect your fee. Especially if you lose! What a business. It is no wonder lawyers are negative people.

Practicing law is a lot like practicing prostitution. In both cases, the value of services rendered drastically declines – once those services have been performed. It’s because clients don’t like to pay once services have been performed that makes many lawyers collect their fees in advance.

So, we lawyers spend all of our days fighting with everyone we come into contact with. Then we spend our nights worried about the next day’s activities. And you thought being a lawyer was just a lot of fun and games, didn’t you?

Next time we’ll talk about the mixed messages that lawyers often give people.

My human development articles have a different twist to them, and will challenge you: The articles come from a 39-line thought stimulating song I wrote in tribute to John Denver. Get my FREE TRIBUTE CD when you buy the book: John Denver’s Legacy — A Fire In His Heart & A Light In His Eyes. Also, as the gospel coach, I minister the gospel FREE to help you live at least a 50% better spiritual life, in less than a year, than you do today: No wonder Paul calls the gospel, ‘The Power of God.’

Phentermine 37.5 milligrams slimming capsules: Just What It Does and What no

Because the issue of too much fat became kind of an epidemic that has afflicted more people than it may seem, men and women began to attention to health care dealing with to be able to please take a comprehension on their weight loss accomplishment. Now, there exists a approved substance called Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  that can assist the obese inside their wrestle for weight loss. Like the majority of prescription drugs, Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  is not without unwanted side effects. Most of these side effects happen to be stated to be relatively safe though the unexpected serious problem has occurred with Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  use. That is why, we suggest Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams  not be used as a type of cosmetically altering your bodies excess weight but on the contrary, it needs to be accustomed to aid significant healthcare threat people achieve an even more appropriate bodyweight that can minimize their chance for serious disease.
Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  comes in both capsules or supplements in several colours with about three various talents: 15, 30 and 37.5 milligram. It ought to be observed that Apettite supressants 37.5 milligram  is a quick phrase operations medicine that is not intended to be employed for an increased time frame. It is known that after just a couple of several weeks, one’s body can take shape a security from the substance and quit to be effective effectively.
How Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams  functions is by using the central mental faculties mechanism to control desire for food. As a result of durability Phentermine 37.5 milligram from is seen to have, we recommend that it be the sole diet pill consumed during the time of intake.
If you are a individual who is struggling with serious illness due to scientific obesity, Apettite supressant 37.5 milligram  can end up being a successful method of managing the over weight which are in a deadly situation to shed pounds. Despite the fact that Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  does support, the amount of excess weight which you actually drop depends on the exercising you determine to embark on along with the diet program you may use.
As stated earlier, Apettite supressant 37.5 mg from http://phentermine.botswanatouri  was created to be considered a small-phrase medication only. Roughly whilst the body’s developing a weight system toward the substance, the sufferer must be faithfully operating in direction of fitness if you attempt to switch unsafe eating habits and raising physical activity. It is believed that if done efficiently, our bodies can accustom alone towards the new life-style since the Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  pills cease working and for that reason need not be obtained anymore. Phentermine 37.5 milligrams  alone won’t work miracles. It is simply through a combined dieting and exercise plan that Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams  has substantial outcomes.
The commonest brand names out there for the generic brand, Phentermine 37.5 milligrams , are IONAMIN and ADIPEX-G. These are not the one manufacturers becoming distributed in the market, even so, with regards to their effects on focusing on unhealthy weight problems, all of them are the same. There’s 2 varieties of Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  pills that could be purchased, one particular: time release supplements, that relieve the effects with the substance about eight to twelve several hours right after the drug is taken as well as: fast release this means what it really says, the results are immediate after absorbed and launched in the blood.
As any substance, Phentermine 37.5 mg  is not with no negative effects. Some of the more widespread unwanted side effects incorporate:
Blurred vision, xerostomia, sleeping disorders, frustration, angry belly or bowel problems through the initial few times while one’s body adjusts towards the prescription medication. Other unwanted outcomes include nervous system results, digestive disruptions, and modifications in libido. Alcohol can improve the unwelcome complication of dizziness.
Heart problems, pounding cardiovascular, difficulty peeing, a suffocating feeling or swelling although taking this medicine
Major pulmonary blood pressure (PPH) and heart valvular condition have been reported in individuals receiving a mixture of Phentermine 37.5 mg  and Fenfluramine (Phen-fen) or dexfenfluramine. The potential for a link among PPH and using Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  alone can not be ruled out.
It needs to be talked about now, there are a variety of Phentermine 37.5 milligram  alternatives which includes Hoodia and Acomplia, that have significantly less to no side effects of Phentermine 37.5 milligrams . On the other hand, their usefulness is a smaller amount proven compared to Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams . Be also encouraged that Apettite supressants 37.5 milligrams  has a compound construction much like that regarding amphetamines and if screened-in for, Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  could result in a positive screening for amphetamines.
You have specific drawback signs and symptoms after ending Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  use even though the person is given the correct time revisit normal. There is no arranged here we are at normality to come back right after Phentermine 37.5 milligram  use. Each case depends on the amount of Phentermine 37.5 milligram  that was consumed and the way long it was employed.
Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams  was not suitable for everybody. Should you be someone that is definitely looking to better your facing outward physical appearance then Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  is not for you personally. People who have a critical sickness that could turn out to be life threatening with continuous obesity are perfect individuals for Phentermine 37.5 milligram . It must be talked about that an Inchbest” body mass will not be achieved by a completely obese man or woman while on Apettite supressants 37.5 mg . Phentermine 37.5 mg  is used just being an assist in dealing with weight problems and the terrible medical risk factors that attend it. It is merely important to shed many of the excess weight in order for it to have an affect in your well being. It’s estimated that a humble fat loss of around 5-10Per cent in the original body weight might be missing if utilized properly.
Once more, Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams  alone just isn’t sufficient to combat being overweight. It is very important follow a healthy lifestyle making sure to keep an all natural diet program plus a steady exercise routine (regardless of whether tiny). So if you feel technically overweight and therefore are in risk of severe illness, then Apettite supressants 37.5 milligrams  just would be the thing in your case.

The Apettite supressants 37.5 mg Weight Reduction Substance – How Effective Would It Be?

Because of the buzz on staying and keeping slender, thousands of diet pills and goods have invaded the market industry, usually confusing customers with promises of effectiveness and speedy. In accordance with reports, People in america spend up to $56 million each year on losing weight goods. Unfortunately, of this amount, about $6 million has allocated to deceitful and inadequate fat loss items.
Minimal requirements
Experts have indicated issue over the spreading of diet pills and items in the market. Based on them, most of these more than-the-counter products never have been through rigorous screening processes like other treatment pills. Because of this, their real pitfalls and advantages continue to be not known. Even so, america Food and Drug Administration (Fda standards) has now screened and authorized a couple of weight loss suppliments, including Xenical and the Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  weight reduction drug from
About Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams 
The Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  weight loss drug is often a medication that works as diet. In comparison with other weight loss suppliments, the Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams  weight decline substance is substantially less expensive, hence its recognition. It was approved by the FDA in 1959 as an appetite suppressant capsule, despite the fact that Phentermine 37.5 milligram  weight loss medication from functions only as a brief-expression strategy for being overweight and should not be taken as being a every day product. Also, there are still no considerable research to substantiate the prolonged-phrase usefulness of the Phentermine 37.5 mg  weight decline drug.
The way it operates
Apettite supressants 37.5 mg  works by modifying the chemicals from the mental faculties. It stimulates the hypothalamus gland, negligence the brain that controls the autonomic nerves, regulatory rest cycles, body temperature, and in such cases, hunger. Caffeine located in the drug sparks the making if certain chemicals generally known as catecholamines. Such as chemical compounds including dopamine, adrenalin, and norepinephrine. These chemical compounds result in a “struggle-or-tripInch reply in your body, which prevents hunger messages.
Suggested dosage
The Food advises that Apettite supressant 37.5 milligram  be utilised only for 12 weeks. Additionally, they advise consumers to combine Apettite supressants 37.5 milligrams  intake with physical exercise, proper dieting, and also other confirmed weight loss actions. Apettite supressants 37.5 milligrams  is best used before or after breakfast time, since the medication has been known to encourage sleep loss.
People that come under these categories need to try to keep from taking Apettite supressant 37.5 mg :
a    Those with hypersensitivity for any element seen in Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams 
o    Those that have obtained dexfenfluramine, fenfluramine, furazolidone, guanadrel, guanethidine in the last 14 days
to    Those struggling with modest or serious high blood pressure, an overactive thyroid, glaucoma, coronary heart or circulation illness, or severe thinning with the arteries
a    Those with past abusing drugs
o    Women who will be expecting, intending to get pregnant, or are breast-eating
e    Those who are are taking other vitamin supplements or weight loss pills
o    Those who’ve allergy symptoms to drugs, food items, or any other substances
o    Patients which has a brain or spine condition, stiffing with the arteries, high blood pressure levels, all forms of diabetes, or high cholesterol or lipid amounts
Unwanted effects
A number of the unwanted effects linked to the Apettite supressant 37.5 milligram  weight loss medication contain:
to    Insomnia
e    Increased blood pressure levels
e    Irritability
e    Nervousness
Less common unwanted side effects include:
o    Blurred perspective
e    Change in libido
o    Clumsiness
e    Confusion
o    Diarrhea
o    Dizziness
a    Dry oral cavity
o    Headache
o    Irregular pulse
to    Nausea or throwing up
o    Psychosis
o    Skin hasty or scratching
e    Stomach soreness
a    Tiredness
a    Unpleasant style
These side effects are simply people who are identified more studies have yet to be executed to find other uncomfortable side effects.
Safety measures
Before a Apettite supressant 37.5 milligram  weight decline medication, it is usually advisable to check with a medical expert or expert. Your medical professional can perform some exams to determine whether the item will work for you. Should you choose have to take a Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  weight decline medication, you have to cooperate with your doctor so he can check your intake. Keep in mind, Phentermine 37.5 milligram  is intended for short-phrase just use, and getting excessive could be unhealthy to your wellbeing.
Also, utilizing the drug must be along with a healthy way of life. Apettite supressant 37.5 mg  alone can’t cause you to shed weight, at least not within a healthy way. Suitable dieting and exercise are still the best ways to do it. Do not rely exclusively around the drug to help you lose fat, as there is a threat of drug use.

Overcome The Urge To Eat with Phentermine 37.5 mg

We, people, are one of the only pets who overindulge. Most animals don’t try to eat when they’re not hungry and when they actually do they try to eat adequate to complete their waistlines.
The reason being man may be tough-born obviously for huge appetites. This aided our forebears deal with the bodily labour that they had to contend with to survive. They can also choose instead their extra fat supplies to tide over foodstuff scarcities.
Tough to verify hunger
But what was obviously a boon for the children has developed into a bane for your modern person as the gadgets at his disposal has got to a substantial level eradicated the requirement for any kind of actual tension in evening-to-evening lifestyle. So, we have to consume a lot much less calories than our forefathers. But that’s easier said than done for many individuals. Meals scarcities, as well, have grown to be a subject put to rest in most elements around the globe. Actually, western world now deal with an issue of lots. That is why obesity numbers are the greatest in these nations around the world.
The fact is that blocking these afflicted with problems like hypothyroid and specific genetics, so many people are overweight as they are can not handle their tastes. They try to eat greater than what the body should maintain itself going.
Assist accessible
Slimming capsules like Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams from can bail out they and hang their existence back in line. Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams slimming pill can be a central nervous system stimulator which is within a sounding medications known as anorectics. It adjustments your brain amount of this. This low-cost weight loss supplement works by exciting the hypothalamus human gland and affecting certain chemicals to decrease urge for food.
This hunger controller can as a result support recover typical well balanced eating routine. This will assist in slimming down without starting the worries that going on a diet involves for many individuals.
Stick to directions
Normally, Phentermine 37.5 milligrams weightloss pills from are obtained on an empty stomach around an hour before you eat. Night amounts ought to be prevented as a result of potential for second sleeping disorders. These azure and whitened low-cost weightloss pills are most beneficial when taken depending on instructions and supplemented with adequate exercising and behavior therapy.
So, forget your negative mindset. Expect comes everlasting. Buy Apettite supressants 37.5 milligrams weightloss pills and commemorate the advantage of living. Appear and feel better.

Mesothelioma Litigation Lawyers – What Questions Will The Lawyer Ask During The First Meeting

When a client goes to see a lawyer, there are some specific things that the lawyer will want to know and will subject the client in a line of questioning; the first interview is usually the crucial interview. This is because this is the meeting that will determine if the lawyer will represent the client or not. So the lawyer will want to know why the client needs the services of a lawyer. The reason why the want to know why the client needs their services, is to enable them evaluate the matter and see if they are going to represent them or not. In cases where the client cannot be represented by a particular lawyer, they are forwarded to a more appropriate lawyer who will be able to handle his or her legal matters.

Another common question that lawyers ask clients at a first meeting is if the client has seen other lawyers before. If other lawyers have been hired to represent the client the lawyer will want to know why their services to the client were terminated. They will also want to know if there were other lawyers so that the lawyer can be able to work with other lawyers. The other lawyers that have worked with the client could have unraveled matter about the case that could help the current lawyer who has been assigned to the case.

Another common question that a lawyer asks at a first meeting with a client is the financial stand of the client. Lawyers rarely give free services even at a first meeting. They do not charge that meeting and they will want to get the best out of it. So they will want to know if that client is in a position to pay the lawyer fees. If the client finds the rate to be very high, then other lawyer who has lower rates can be recommended.

An initial client lawyer meeting will include questions of the criminal record of the client. This prepares the lawyer and also gives him the opportunity to understand the legal stand of the client. The lawyer will want to know if there are people who will be able to act as witnesses or even act as proof of good conduct. They will want the list of the witnesses so that the lawyer can be able to compare the facts of their client and the other people so that they see if the client is saying the truth or not.

Smart lawyers will ask about the legal problems of the client and will not interrupt them as they narrate. While the client is talking the lawyer will be noting important points. As much as they would want the meeting to be brief so that they can save a lot of time and money. Many lawyers have come to realize that they get a lot of information from their clients when they are talking without being interrupted. After the narration they will then ask specific questions to get the some things clear and they stand a better chance of winning a case.

At the conclusion of the interview the lawyer will give you specific recommendations. They may tell you they can’t take the case. These lawsuits have built-in time frames so it is imperative that you file as soon as possible to make sure you haven’t missed any deadlines. Please go to Mesothelioma Litigation Lawyers [] for more information.

Workers Compensation Lawyer Proved Employer Had Every Reasonable Opportunity To Get Information

A workman’s compensation lawyer knows how an injured worker may need to borrow money or have help from family during their injury. In the following case, an employer tried to use these sources of money to wrongly stop benefits payments… and the employee’s workman’s compensation lawyer successfully stopped the employer from misinterpreting these deposits into the employee’s savings account. The hearing officer in the case agreed with the workers compensation lawyer, and made a finding that the injured worker was entitled to supplemental income benefits (or SIB’s) even though he did have some additional money (loans from his parents), and also a little self-employment. The insurance company appealed this decision, claiming to have gotten evidence to prove their argument… “after” the hearing was over, stressed the workers compensation lawyer. The injured employee’s workers compensation lawyer then successfully defeated the insurer’s arguments.

Workers Compensation Lawyer Defended Right To Part-Time Self-Employment

The workers compensation lawyer answered the insurer, saying the hearing officer correctly decided the injured worker was entitled to SIBs. The insurer’s real argument, the workers’ compensation attorney pointed out, was that the injured worker “could have worked more,” and claimed he didn’t make a good faith effort to get work, based on these “extra” deposits. But the workers compensation lawyer stressed very detailed medical findings of a serious disability.

Besides, the workers compensation lawyer noted how the hearing officer was the most important judge of the evidence. The hearing officer heard all the evidence from the workers’ compensation lawyer and from the employee himself, as he told the workers’ compensation lawyer about the injury and his job search. As the trier of fact, the hearing officer clearly agreed with the workers’ compensation lawyer about the strength of the medical evidence. Based on evidence presented by the workers’ compensation lawyer, the hearing officer reasonably decided the injured worker (a) was not required to get additional employment, once the workers’ compensation lawyer proved employment at a part-time job and (b) was being self-employed, consistent with his ability to work.

Workman’s Compensation Lawyer: A Serious Injury With Lasting Effects

The insurance company also argued the injured worker’s underemployment during the qualifying period wasn’t caused by his impairment. The workman’s compensation attorney noted the injured worker’s underemployment was also a direct result of the impairment. This was backed up by evidence from the workers comp lawyer that this injured employee had a very serious injury, with lasting effects, and just “could not reasonably do the type of work he’d done right before his injury.” In this case, the workers comp lawyer showed that the injured worker’s injury resulted in a permanent impairment. The employer didn’t prove (or disprove) anything specific about the extent of the injury, the workers comp lawyer observed, but only suggested “possibilities.”

Employer Was Stopped From Use Of “Confusing” Evidence By Workman’s Compensation Lawyer

For example, the workman’s compensation attorney said the insurance company emphasized “evidence” obtained after the hearing. Yet the insurance company said this came from a deposition taken three days before the hearing. At that time, the workers comp lawyer pressed, it learned that the injured worker had a personal bank account for depositing wages. The insurance company subpoenaed copies of the injured worker’s deposit slips, and got the records after the hearing from the workers compensation attorney. The insurance company argued that the deposit slips “proved” that the injured worker earned more than 80% of his pre-injury wages. But the workers comp lawyer stressed how the insurer should have worked harder to prove this argument before the hearing.

Specifically, the workers’ compensation attorney pointed out that documents submitted for the first time (on appeal) are generally not accepted… unless they are newly discovered evidence, noted the workman’s compensation attorney. The evidence offered by the insurance company wasn’t newly discovered evidence, proved the workers comp lawyer. The injured worker testified to his workman’s comp lawyer that the deposits included wages from his self-employment and “money I borrowed from my mother.” The evidence didn’t, proved the workers comp lawyer, show how much (if any, noted the workers comp lawyer) was deposited from the injured worker’s wages versus how much was from borrowing. Though the insurance company had known about the evidence, it made no request to get the evidence, emphasized the workers comp lawyer. Nor, concluded the workers comp lawyer, did the insurance company ask for the hearing record to stay open for evidence once it was received… which, the workers comp lawyer stressed, they had a right to have done. The Appeals Panel agreed with the workers comp lawyer and “refused” to consider the ‘evidence’ attached to the insurance company’s appeal. The workers comp lawyer had completely defended the worker’s award.

There’s often uncertainty about how long an injury may last, an experienced workers comp lawyer knows. In this case, talking with an experienced workers comp lawyer helped deal with issues from this uncertainty. For anyone who survives a period of injury, through self-employment or family loans, it’s important to discuss these matters as soon as possible with a knowledgeable workers comp lawyer.

At Ogletree Abbott Law Firm, we have over 75 years of experience handling workers compensation claims all over Texas. If you’ve been injured on the job and are struggling to pay your bills because you’re not being taken care of by your employer, visit us at or contact us today at 1-888-434-COMP. We will help you with your Texas workers’ compensation claim and make sure your employer takes care of your immediate and long term needs as prescribed by law.

How to Find a Lawyer – Some Useful Tips

In any complex legal problem and especially one that involves a lot of money, it is good to have a lawyer. Apart from dispensing information, lawyers offer the much needed advice and apply their skills to all legal problems. There are many lawyer firms out there but that does not mean that all lawyers are good. In fact, finding a lawyer who is able to help well with a particular problem is not an easy task. A good lawyer serves as the client’s legal coach and he/she goes an extent further to educate the client on all legal technicalities involved in the case.

If you are looking on ways how to find a lawyer, then you need to be a little bit more careful on your selection. However, the facts below can help you a great deal.

Through Personal Referrals

It is in your best interests to talk to a person or a group of people who have gone through the same ordeal as you so as to find the best lawyer. For instance, anyone who has a sexual harassment case should talk to a women rights group and ask them who their lawyers are and if they can help with the case. Talking to about five people will eventually provide very good leads.

However, it is important to make a decision that is not solely dependent on other people’s recommendations. A decision should not be made until you have met with the lawyer and felt comfortable working with him/her.

Through Online Services

There are many online services that connect with local lawyers on different locations and depending on the type of legal case that one might have. All that is needed of the person looking for a lawyer is to answer a few questions about the case and then give his/her contact information. After that is done, the right lawyers for the case contact the customers directly.

Through Business Referrals

Businesses which provide services to lawyers and lawyer firms can provide very good links to finding a good lawyer. For example, someone interested in a good small business lawyer will need to talk to his/her insurance agent or accountant. These people make regular contact with the lawyers and are therefore able to make judgments that are informed.

Through Lawyer Referral Services

Lawyer referral services offer a very good platform for anyone wondering on how to find a lawyer. These services list only screened attorneys who have the most attractive qualifications and a given amount of experience.

When looking for a lawyer, it is also important to look for one who is a specialist in that particular type of case as opposed to a general practitioner. Although a specialist lawyer charges a little more, his/her knowledge is truly valuable. Lastly, it is important to interview the lawyer personally.

Lawyers in Thailand are in most cases willing to meet face to face for the first time between thirty minutes to 1 hour at no charges. This is the best opportunity for the client to size the lawyer up and make an informed decision.

Working With a Lawyer – Part 1

In this Part 1 of this 2-part article, you will have an opportunity to read about the role of your lawyer and about establishing a strong lawyer-client relationship. In Part 2 you can read about various points on what it takes to build a strong lawyer-client relationship with your lawyer.

The Role of Your Lawyer

Many people may not understand the role of a lawyer in representing a client. Lawyers do charge a lot, but that doesn’t put them in control of their client’s destiny. When a major decision must be made, your lawyer would provide you with information, advice and recommendations about the decision, but the decision is yours to make. When a lawyer makes a decision on your behalf without your knowledge or consent, and without taking his or her time to provide you with the details beforehand, it is time to hire another lawyer. Likewise, if you just hand your legal matter to your lawyer while expecting him or her to pull a miracle and decide the success of your case, you’re just asking for trouble.

A decision carries consequences. A legal decision carries legal consequences that you need to deal with as a result of making that decision. A lawyer is always obligated to use his or her best efforts on your behalf while applying his or her legal training, knowledge, experience, resources and skill to resolve your legal issue. But it is your obligation to remain informed and fully involved in your case. The success of your case doesn’t solely depend on your lawyer’s ability, but in the team work between the two of you.

Establishing a Strong Lawyer-Client Relationship

Some people may believe that once they hire a lawyer, they can simply put their legal issue behind and let their lawyer win the case. In reality, hiring a lawyer is just the beginning of a successful teamwork. The success and the degree of success of your case will depend on how good your “legal team” plays. Sometimes your legal team will consist of just you and your attorney. But in most cases, your legal team will include other people, such as legal assistants, consultants, experts, court reporters and the like. But regardless of who might be a part of your legal team, you and your lawyer are the key players in the success of your case. Developing a good working relationship between you and your attorney from the very beginning and all throughout the life of the case will radically increase the odds of a positive outcome.

A strong lawyer-client relationship is a two-way process. It requires both of you and your lawyer to provide each other with information necessary to reach satisfactory resolution of your legal issue. It requires a very good and an open communication. Your lawyer needs to keep you advised of the status of your case, inform you of important developments, include you in the decision-making process, prepare you for important events, such as testifying in court or answering questions in a deposition, and so on. But, you must also hold up your end of the responsibilities. You need to be aware that a failure to provide all relevant information to your case and to provide it when requested by your lawyer may have an unfavorable effect on the lawyer’s ability to represent you. You and your lawyer need to agree on the most effective and efficient way to communicate the information.

If you’re concerned about how your lawyer handles your legal issue, freely express these concerns directly to your lawyer. And don’t wait for it to build up. Addressing these concerns promptly will avoid damaging the level of trust that is essential to the relationship. But, if your concerns are never resolved even after discussing them with your lawyer, you’re fully entitled to seek another attorney. However, you’ll still be responsible for paying the legal fees to that lawyer. And, if you happen to fire your lawyer, remember that you’re entitled of getting a copy of your file.

Please refer to Part-2 of this 2-part article to read about various points that will add to developing a strong work relationship with your lawyer and lead you to more successful results in your lawsuit.

Working With a Lawyer – Part 2

Please refer to Part-1 of this 2-part article to read about the role of your lawyer and why it is important to have a strong lawyer-client working relationship with your attorney.

The following points will add to developing a strong work relationship with your lawyer and lead you to more successful results in your lawsuit.

First and Foremost, Give Your Lawyer the Whole Story – As soon as you hire your lawyer, tell him or her everything that is related to your case and provide him or her with every relevant document, even those facts and details that you think are damaging to your case. Lawyers have been trained to sift and sort through the information you provide and determine what information is useful for your case and what isn’t. Every fact and detail could be crucial to your case. Facts which may not seem important to you may have serious legal consequences. Your lawyer might be able to use a fact or a document you thought was unimportant as the basis for a creative legal argument. And if something might harm your case, your lawyer will have plenty of time to prepare defensive maneuvers.

Respond Promptly – This factor alone will certainly damage the relationship between you and your lawyer and almost always hurt your case – that is if your response is of an irresponsible nature. Lawyers often have to work under very tight deadlines. Your prompt response to your lawyer’s requests will insure those deadlines are met and your case is flowing smoothly. Your prompt response will also give your lawyer enough time to go over your information and better prepare his or her next step. If you are not able to respond quickly for one reason or another, let your lawyer know immediately. Your lawyer might be able to get an extension of time from your opponent or the court, or rearrange other matters to accommodate the delay.

Cooperation – During the course of your case, your lawyer will ask you for particular documents or certain facts relevant to your lawsuit. Instead of making your lawyer hunt down those details, remember that you’re the one who is undertaking this legal action. In most instances you have much easier access to the information relevant to your case than any one else. By cooperating with your lawyer in gathering the important details for winning your case, you will not only help your situation, but have your lawyer spend less time, which will reduce your legal cost.

At a beginning of a lawsuit, your lawyer may ask you to write down a summary of events leading up to the lawsuit. Make sure that what you write is extremely accurate – only known facts. Your lawyer will base your claims and defenses on this information.

Preparedness – Always remember that your attorney’s time is your money. Better prepared you are, less money your legal matter will cost you. When you meet with your lawyer, have with you already prepared written summary or detailed notes outlining your problem or questions; bring copies of all documents, letters and other correspondence relating to your case. Also, provide your lawyer with a list of all names, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons involved in the case. This will avoid unnecessary delays. Be as brief as possible in all interviews with your lawyer, and stick to business. At the rate that you are charged for calls and conferences, socializing gets very expensive.

Keep Your Lawyer Informed – Your lawyer can work only with the information that you provide him or her with. Failure to keep your lawyer updated with information about any new developments relevant to your case can be disastrous to your final outcome. Tell your lawyer immediately of changes or new information that might affect your case. On the same note, holding back information can as well prevent your lawyer from obtaining your desired results. That’s why it is very important for you to be truthful and complete about the facts of your situation.

Keep Your Schedule Flexible – There are certain legal events in which you must participate. Very often these events are scheduled weeks or even months in advance. Most of these events can be rescheduled to accommodate your schedule only if your lawyer knows in advance. But, be prepared to change your plans if you must because sometimes a judge may insist on holding the scheduled meeting whether your schedule permits or not.

Various Other Points

– Take your lawyer’s legal advice seriously. When an attorney gives legal advice, the attorney may be liable for malpractice if the advice is wrong. For that reason attorneys are hesitant to give legal advice and expose themselves to liability without first checking the most current legal facts. And that takes time. That’s why they charge a fee for legal advice because they give you facts and not an opinion. So when your lawyer gives you legal advice relevant to your legal issue, you better follow up on it because it’s a real deal.

– Many legal problems cannot be explained simply. We live in a complex society with an extremely complex legal system. So if you don’t understand something that your lawyer says, don’t just take it as is – ask for an explanation. Maybe you need to ask your lawyer to explain it with a non-legal jargon.

– Respect your attorney’s time. Avoid phoning repeatedly about every single question that comes on your mind. First of all you will pay for the time spent on the phone. Second, your lawyer has other clients who require attention too. So, it would be in your best interest and is usually more cost-effective to ask several questions at a time, rather than calling each time a question arises. By all means, do not wait to call your lawyer if your question is so important that it will affect your case significantly.

– Avoid legal debate. If you sometimes feel that your lawyer is not quite handling your legal issue the way you think he or she is suppose to, try to first gain an understanding by asking your lawyer questions about his or her course of action instead of directly engaging into a debate. But if you really must engage into a debate because you’re certain that you know it better, check the facts before you start the discussion. You don’t want to embarrass yourself when your lawyer proves you wrong. Lawyers have extensive legal training. Their actions sometimes may seem weird to you but they may be just the right move for obtaining positive results for your legal issue.

– Respect your lawyer’s pride. One common characteristic amongst all lawyers is their strong pride. That comes with their profession. Sometimes it may feel that this pride borders on arrogance or egotism. Maybe so. But, so what? Actually, this feature may win your case. It gives lawyers more confidence even if they lack the experience. So, treat your lawyer with respect and he or she will do more than their very best to get you your desired results.

– Your lawyer is a professional. As such, address your lawyer in a professional way in your communication, whether written or oral. You’ll get much better results. For an example, which of these two sentences do you think would get you better response by your lawyer? “We need to talk right now because my case is not moving the way I want and I want to see what you’re doing wrong” – or – “I would appreciate if we could schedule 30 minutes of your time to discuss the current developments of my case.” You get the point.

– Communicate your goals very clearly. Tell your lawyer exactly what your expectations are from your legal matter. If you deliver unclear picture to your lawyer, he or she wouldn’t know how to set the “Theory of the Case.” This is the first and most important step that will support every step of the trial. Your lawyer needs to know exactly what your case is truly about and establish your final objective accordingly.

– Be on time for appointments, whether in court or for anything related to your case.

– Be patient and understand that legal problems require time and research.

– Respond promptly to your lawyer’s requests and phone calls.

– And of course, pay your legal fees promptly as agreed in the fee arrangement you made.